Q-lite and Ledyears will be continuing as one organisation and will be known by one name

The strategic collaboration between Q-lite and Ledyears has resulted in a merger between the two organisations, which will be continuing under the Q-lite brand name from mid-2020. This integration will give all customers the opportunity to make optimal use of the expertise available within both companies.

Our position as market leader in sustainable digital information systems is further strengthened by continuing as one organisation. The number of employees has grown to 110, further enhancing our power. The strategic locations of the sites in Alkmaar, Alblasserdam, Baarle and Kortrijk ensure that we are always close to our customers.

A new organisation has been created with the merging of the two companies. This new organisation’s strategic vision is as follows:

“Offer customers complete peace of mind from our position as chain director and continuously offer the best possible solutions. Q-lite is functioning as a one-stop-shop, from development and production to project management and full service and maintenance.”

Dirk Geenen, CEO at Q-lite, is very pleased with the developments:

“This step forms the right basis in order to continue to be a front runner where the development of the best circular and smart information systems is concerned and to provide our customers with complete peace of mind.”

Jacco Zwart, Commercial Director at Q-lite and Jan van der Weijden, Mobility Manager, have witnessed the creation of the largest full service organisation in the field of dynamic information systems, as a result of the integration of the two companies:

“This will allow us to create a multitude of new opportunities where offering our customers added value is concerned. We are not just capable of realising the best solutions, focussing on long-term customer relationships and offering complete peace of mind as a result of our size, but also because of our continuous innovations.”

Jeroen Heine, Director of VP Capital and major shareholder, sees a future in the European manufacturing industry. This takeover won’t just allow us to guarantee the development and production of sustainable information systems in Baarle, but it also ensures we can expand internationally.

Logo Q-lite

Who is Q-lite?

Q-lite is a European manufacturer of sustainable and smart information systems. Q-lite boasts 65 employees in Baarle-Hertog/Nassau and Kortrijk and supplies information systems in the broadest sense of the word. No project is too large or small for Q-lite. As a chain director, Q-lite is the perfect partner for information systems in any situation. You can find more information on www.q-lite.com/en/about-us/

Logo Ledyears

Who is Ledyears?

Ledyears from Alblasserdam and Alkmaar is focussed on offering its customers complete peace of mind during the realisation of digital information systems. Ledyears boasts a team of more than fifty colleagues and continuously offers the best solutions, whilst functioning as a one-stop-shop. From development and production to project management, as well as complete service and maintenance. You can find more information on www.ledyears.nl/bedrijf/

Logo VP Capital

Who is VP Capital?

VP Capital is an investment company owned by the Dutch family van Puijenbroek, active with its own textile business since 1865, now known as HAVEP. They now also have LED screens, agriculture, impact investments and energy generation companies. In addition, VP Capital primarily invests in eight investment domains: energy transition, agri-food, manufacturing, media, property, textile, (health)care and water. The focus is thereby on active involvement, long-term commitment and sustainability. A team of seven people manages the investments from the offices in Goirle (NL) and Turnhout (BE). You can read more about VP Capital’s sustainable vision and investment domains on www.vpcapital.eu.

Q-lite and Ledyears’ three collaboration pillars

1. Local anchoring with international clout

The Q-lite and Ledyears integration has created the largest full service information systems organisation in the Benelux. Boasting more than 100 members of staff, 4 strategically located sites in Western Europe and its own offices in Shenzhen, we are always close to our customers. This also provides the perfect basis for internationally marketing our products and solutions.

2. Offering peace of mind from A to Z

We are motivated to offer our customers complete peace of mind in the field of information systems. On the one hand, we do this by continuously coming up with new innovations and always offering the best possible solution. And on the other, we want to function as a one-stop-shop. From development and production to project management, as well as complete management and maintenance.

3. Continuing to grow sustainably

Q-lite and Ledyears will continue to invest in sustainable developments. This includes significant investments and innovations in sustainable technology, in addition to working on a fully circular business model for our products. We will also be launching various different display-as-a-service concepts during the forthcoming years, giving customers the option to make carefree use of our systems at a fixed monthly fee.

Baarle-Hertog-Nassau and Alblasserdam, 12th February 2020

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