Topwind exclusive dealer Smart Ice Alert Display

Topwind, known from it’s Ice Prevention System, is the exclusive dealer for Smart Ice Alert Displays in the Netherlands. The collaboration has been established to expand the current Topwind system, which prevents falling ice, with a digital information display that informs administrators and surrounding companies in risk areas, of the situation.

Q-lite specializes in the development, production and sales of electronic information systems such as text displays and graphic LED displays. On demand from wind turbine operators in Belgium, Q-lite has developed the Smart Ice Alert Display. The display activates at the signal of wind turbine sensors.

Topwind, the developer of the Ice Prevention System, sees opportunities to deploy the Smart Ice Alert Display as an additional information system. The Ice Alert Display will be expanded with an additional mode that not only signals the environment when there is a risk of falling ice, but also when the wind turbines are preventively set to Safe Mode and there is therefore no risk of falling ice. Only in extreme weather conditions, “Falling Ice Risk” mode will be activated informing the administrators or surrounding companies to follow their internal security protocols.

The updated Ice Alert Display is available immediately. Ice Alert Displays can also be applied to already in use IPSs.

Want to know more? Visit the website from Topwind.

Smart Ice Alert Display - Safe situation