Veterinary cross

As a veterinary you want instant recognition in the streets. You can hang a recognizable blue veterinary cross at your facade to make your practice stand out. As a European manufacturer of LED displays we have designed a special display: the LED veterinary cross.

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  • Dynamic, luminous cross
  • Animation or fixed image
  • Time, date and temperature display
  • Preprogrammed or through software
QLK LED Veterinary cross
  • Executed in LED
  • Blue LEDs or possibility of full colour
  • Automatic dimmer
  • Strong aluminum housing
  • Various mounting options

Eye-catching and dynamic communication

A Q-lite veterinary cross (QLK) is an eye-catching and dynamic communication tool. The cross can display a variety of animations, including the staff of Aesculapius, time, temperature and text. The cross is perfectly readable in full daylight as well as at night due to the built-in automatic dimmer. There is no light pollution.

Specifications QLK

Dimensions Standarized 90×90 cm of 130×130 cm (other options possible provided consultation)
Execution Single or double sided
Control Preprogrammed by Q-lite or programmed by software
Animations Large variety of animations, including the staff of Aesculapius, text, time date and temperature
Mounting Flat against a wall (single-sided) or hung like a flag against the facade or a pole (double sided)

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