Bike display

A city or municipality is tasked with encouraging as many people as possible to use their bikes. Cyclists contribute to a healthy and sociable environment and an accessible city or municipality. To actually encourage people to use their bikes its possible for cities and municipalities to not only invest in comfortable and safe cycling routes but also to focus on bike marketing.

As a European manufacturer we offer a number of standard models. If desired, we can also develop a display that fully meets your wishes and requirements.


  • Robust, double-walled housing
  • High finish
  • Low power consumption
  • Possibility to display time, date and temperature
Fietsteldisplay Gemeente Enschede
  • Perfectly readable from every angle, under all weather conditions
  • Dimmer: automatic brightness control based on ambient light and content
  • Autonomous use

Bike count pole

With a bike count pole cities and municipalities can positively highlight cycling.  With a bike count display you can raise awareness wich you can literally see on the built-in display . In addition, the  bike count display holds a LED display to show cycle related messages, news, items, facts an more.

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