AH feeling with a transparant LED solution at Rumbeke

  • Transparant LED-scherm Albert Heijn Rumbeke
  • Dynamisch transparant scherm retail
  • Doorzichtig LED-display AH Roeselare

In the beginning…

In 2020 the popular supermarket chain opened a new branch at the ring around Roeselare.The typical blue logo of the chain shines on the communal totem of the business complex. For a long time, the branding was limited to non-illuminated communication to passers-by. That’s the reason why the customer chose to play around with a transparent LED solution by Q-lite! The dynamic content catches the eye, even after closing time.

A happy customer is the greatest advertising

The transparant LED display hangs behind the 2 big windows at the frontside, perfectly tailored to the architecture. Customization down to the centimeter and an accurate project follow up made for a satisfied customer!

Thanks to this well-completed assignment, in 2022, we may also supply a transparant LED display for the AH branch in Oudenaarde. To be continued!

The Albert Heijn next to the express road in Rumbeke gains a beautifull advertising boost. The stand out transparante LED display behind the windows at the entrance of the store shows the delicious products and succesful promotions. It’s the ideal advertisement channel to inform the visitors of AH.

The advantage? With a 70% transparancy degree you look straight through the display. You keep the indoor light incidence without compromising the qualitity of the outdoor full colour images.

Client Mercadino BVBA
Delivery December 2021
Display transparant LED-display
(10 mm)
Measurements 192 x 435 cm (8,43 m²)

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