Brainmarker Hotel Eindhoven A2

Innovation in highway advertising. Branding messages are even more powerful on Brainmarker’s LED displays with the latest LED technology.

Thanks to the application of this technology, multiple advertising messages can be displayed back to back, at preferred times and in accordance with agreed programming. You can also enrich your message by making use of the many variaties. Brainmarker, unique in the world, real innovation in highway advertising from ‘the smartest region of the world’.
Brainmarker was realized thanks to close collaboration with VDL and Livingprojects. The 40 meter high advertising mast is with its total 108 square meters of advertising space, an indisputable brand builder. The construction was made by VDL. In the evening, the mast is subtly illuminated with ambilight provided by Livingprojects. The result is an extremely impressive dynamic light spectacle.
Location Aalsterweg 322, Eindhoven
Completion February 2014
Display 2 × TC 400.336.20 MB
Partner VDL, Livingprojects