Project De Poorter: impactful LED advertising pole for Spijk

  • Outdoor LED-mast Spijk
  • Outdoor LED-mast Spijk

Save energy

Q-lite works with an energy-efficient DIP, or Dual In-line Package. This technique is used when the reading distance is big enough. This solution with three separate basic colour LEDs , uses up to 50% less energy and has a higher brightness than an average SMD, or Surface-Mounted Device, where the LEDs are soldered directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB).

Surprisingly effective

Did you know that 90% of passing drivers actually see the LED advertising pole? That adds up to 75,000 passers-by every day! An LED advertising pole offers many advertising opportunities. Your message will immediately catch the eye.

Highway advertising catches everyone’s eye! In January 2022 Q-Lite took care of the upgrade of a large LED advertising pole along the A15 highway at Gorinchem-Oost. In addition to the static advertising, the pole has a digital side of up to 115 m² on which dynamic content is played for passers-by.

Client De Poorter
Completion January 2022
Display Outdoor LED screen (16 mm)
Dimensions 896 x 1280 cm (115 m²)

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