Driving smart to Antwerp thanks to dynamic parking guidance

  • Parkeergeleiding Antwerpen
  • Parkeergeleiding Antwerpen
  • Parkeergeleiding Antwerpen
  • Parkeergeleiding Antwerpen

A tailor-made solution

In addition to the current information about available parking spaces, the dynamic displays are equipped with a graphic bottom sign to provide visitors with important messages. These include information about public transport, temporary diversions or critical traffic information. We created this remarkable piece of craftsmanship in collaboration with ENGIE Fabricom and Be-Mobile.

Nothing but benefits

The smart parking guidance ensures smooth circulation of traffic and therefore contributes to a considerable CO2 reduction. a win-win situation! Visitors drive smoothly to one of the 40 car parks in the city centre with the help of the marked P-routes. The searching traffic in the residential areas is minimised.

Would you like to provide your city or community with dynamic parking guidance? We are also the right fit for bicycle parking guidance. We are at your service with tailor-made advice.

Visiting the city of Antwerp? There’s a good chance you are witnessing one of our most extensive realisations in dynamic parking guidance.

At the request of the alderman of Mobility, Koen Kennis, we provided the city with around a hundred digital displays with a casing in the unique RAL colour of the city of Antwerp. Because of this, the LED screens fit perfectly into the public space.

Client The city of Antwerp
Completion 2014
Display Outdoor LED screens in diverse dimensions

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