Creating content for graphic LED-displays

Making visual attractive content is always a challenge. In this guide some advice to get the best result with the QlDvi or Q-Cloud software. It can also be used as content specifications for partners to deliver the content.

How to create content?

The following specifications gives the best results:

  • Make the content on the same resolution as the screen.
  • Use large texts and images for the best visibility.
  • Pay attention on the position on the pixels on rectilinear shapes.
  • Use light colours on dark background to reduce the brightness and get the best contrast value.
Colour use

Tekst sizes

Use the following calculation method to calculate the right character height compare to viewing distance:

height in cm × 5 = reading distance in meters

See the table for a few examples.

Character height Readable up to
5 cm approx. 25 m
10 cm approx. 50 m
20 cm approx. 100 m
40 cm approx. 200 m
80 cm approx. 400 m

File formats for images

Images can be saved in the following file format:

  • PNG in 24-bit RGB
  • Saving in JPEG is not recommended for loss of quality
File formats

File format for video and animation

Video is supported in the following formats:

  • MPEG-4 in standard H.264 (MP4)
  • MPEG-1/2 (MPG)
  • QuickTime and Windows Video in several codecs (MOV, AVI, WMV)

Where possible, use the following specifications:

  • Frame rate: 25, 30 of 60 fps
  • Field order: Progressive
  • Ratio: Square pixels
  • Bit rate: ±3 Mbps (variable/constant)

Adobe® Flash® is supported (SWF)

File formats

Extra advice

Can you use some extra tips? For extra support, you can contact contact our support service.