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A pleasant journey starts with attention for the traveller in public transportation. Our systems offer dynamic and up-to-date (travel) information.

Recent studies, including by the CROW, confirm that travellers have a great need for up-to-date travel information at the stop. 83% of travellers are in favour of a DRIS panel (Dynamic Passenger Information System) at every bus stop. Up-to-date passenger information therefore plays an essential role in public transport..

Q-lite develops information systems that provide users of the bus, tram, train, metro or ferry with up-to-date travel information. A Dynamic Passenger Information System (DRIS) is offered as a total solution. We provide the entire chain, from raw travel information from a central data integrator (including the NDOV) to ready-to-use information on the stop systems.

The dynamic displays at the stop are produced in LED, LCD and E-ink and have a clearly image and reliable quality.

At Q-lite we like to take control. That is why we develop the systems entirely in-house with our R&D department. Our project office takes care of everything from A to Z during the realization. And our support department guarantees the availability of the system during the maintenance phase.

  • DRIS Dynamisch Reizigers Informatie Systeem
  • DRIS
  • DRIS Dynamisch Reizigers Informatie Systeem
  • DRIS
  • DRIS

  • DRIS Dynamisch Reizigers Informatie Systeem


With our “Display-as-a-Service”, we offer you the opportunity to offer up-to-date travel information at any location for a fixed amount per month. Display as a Service can be used throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, thanks to its scalability suitable for both a single stop and a large concession. This way you are always up-to-date and we also offer an availability of more than 98% for the entire system.

Transport information point: DRIS at any location in the public space

We offer the possibility to set up a transport information point with up-to-date travel information at any location in the public space. The information shown is adjusted to your location. In this way you can provide visitors, customers and other interested parties with up-to-date travel information of the stops in your area. Are you working on a BREEAM certification? Then setting up a transport information point is definitely worth it. You earn credits in TRA 7.

  • DRIS Dynamisch Reizigers Informatie Systeem


The information panels are remotely controlled and managed through the RAAAK platform developed by Q-lite. The IoT-platform to control and manage information systems.

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