Bicycle information systems

Bicycle information systems provide up to date route information for cyclists. The Netherlands and Belgium have always been real cycling countries. In many cities, the bicycle is a popular means of transport among road users. It is therefore not surprising that in urban areas cyclists are getting more and more attention and space to use. This development can be translated into a good information provision to cyclists, among other things. A bicycle route information system (FRIS) actively informs cyclists about bicycle routes, bicycle parkings and other relevant announcements.

Bringing the cyclist faster to his destination

Display systems installed along frequently used bicycle routes show current information and indicate, for example, the number of free spaces in a bicycle parkings or diversions. In the parking facility itself, an efficient referral system ensures that free spaces can be found quickly and it increases user-friendliness for cyclists.

Bicycle counter display

A city or municipality can positively draw attention to cycling with a bicycle counter display. A bicycle counter display has a sensitizing effect, you can literally see this on the built-in display. Moreover, bicycle-related messages, news or facts can be displayed on the LED-screen.

  • Fietsteller Nachtegaallaan Eindhoven
  • Fietsteldisplay Gemeente Enschede
  • Gent fietsteldisplay in de sneeuw

Slimme mobiliteitsoplossingen voor een bereikbare, veilige én gastvrije stad

Smart mobility solutions for an accessible, safe and hospitable city

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The information panels are remotely controlled and managed through the RAAAK platform developed by Q-lite. The IoT-platform to control and manage information systems.

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Project management

We are also serious about project management. With a solid project approach, all projects are carried out to perfection. Tight agreements, clear procedures, specifically focused on the delivery of electronic information systems.

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  • Positive incentive for bicycle use
  • Different versions possible
  • In tune with the street scene
  • Low energy consumption
  • Perfectly legible in all weather conditions and from all angles

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