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latest version: May 25th 2018

Securing the personal information we collect from people, is important to us.

In our privacy policy we explain what information we collect and how and for wich purposes we use them.

About us
The following companies (jointly called Q-lite): BTI nv (BE0441193810), Q-lite BVBA (BE0460689028), Q-lite BV (Chamber of Commerce all located at the visiting address Wiekenweg 13, 2387 Baarle-Hertog, are each responsible for the processing of your personal data.


This policy applies to the services of Q-lite BVBA, BTI NV and Q-lite BV. By using our website you agree with our privacy statement.

When do we collect your personal data ?
We collect your data as soon as you give it to us yourself.

This can happen by e-mail, text message, orally ( by telephone, during a visit to our company, at an event, training,….) visit to our website, by giving us your business card or any other way possible. This also happens when you are registered  by your company or organization as a contact person for our services, or when you, as a private customer, are notified by third parties to make use of our services.

We may also collect your data when they are a matter of public record, or if you made them public yourself, and it appears you are the right contact person for us to go into dialogue with in the context of our services.

We don’t collect or use data for any other purposes than those described in our privacy statement, unless your permission was explicitally asked and given.

Third parties
By default, the collected data is not shared with third parties. This may be the case if the data is obtained through a third party and needs to be shared to offer a better service to our client. Data can be shared within the Q-lite group.

Our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.


Use of our services
When you sign up for one of our services, we may ask you to provide personal data. This data is used to perform the requested service. This data is stored on our own secured servers of that of a third party.

Mail traffic or other messages you send to us, may be stored. It’s possible we ask for your personal information that is relevant for a particular situation. This makes it possible for us to provide a good service to our customer.  This data is stored on our own secured servers of that of a third party.

You can find possibilities to change your preferences or to unsubscribe at the bottom of every newsletter.

Customer satisfaction survey
If you have used our services, you may receive a request to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. This data is stored on our own secure servers or those of a third party. The acquired data from this research are not shared with third parties. This information is only used to improve the services to our customers.

Change/delete personal data
We offer all our website visitors and customers the possibility to consult, change or delete personal information from our database. If you want to change or delete your data from our database, you can simply do so by contacting us at

We keep your information as long as there is a contractual, fiscal or accounting obligation, with the exception of the newsletters.

The website uses cookies to help analyze how visitors use our website. We use a third party, namely Google Analytics. The information generated by cookies about your use of our website can be transferred to our own secure servers or those of a third party. We use this information to keep track of how you use our website. This is to make reports about website activity. In this way we can improve our service to our customers

Disable cookies
You can choose to disable cookies. You  cando this by using your settings from your browser. You can find more information about these settings on the website of the provider of your browser. It is possible that some functions and services on our and other websites do not function correctly by disabling cookies.

This privacy statement is customized to the use of our website and our services.
Any adaptions and/or changes to this site or our services may result in changes to this privacy statement. We therefore recommend that you regularly consult our privacy statement. This version was prepared in May 2018.

Questions feedback
We regularly check whether we still comply with this privacy statement. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us via .


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