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Versatile, innovative and groundbreaking

Q-lite is a versatile, innovative and groundbreaking company, specialized in development, production and sale of electronic information systems such as text displays, scoreboards and graphic displays. The factory is situated in the enclave municipality of Baarle-Hertog-Nassau on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. However, the activities of Q-lite are not restricted to Belgium and the Netherlands. Q-lite is well known beyond borders for its excellent quality and service. With more than 25 years of production experience and executing thousands of custom work projects, Q-lite has become one of the largest manufacturers of electronic information systems in Europe. Aside from our office in Baarle, we also have an office in Kortrijk (Belgium) and France.
LED assembly

Product range

Like the company itself, the product range has also expanded considerably in recent years. For example, it offers text displays for indoor and outdoor applications, time and temperature displays, single line and multi line displays, scoreboards, graphic displays, full color LED displays and video walls, parking and traffic signalling, fuel price displays. Our products can be found in all sectors: from public services to multinational industrial companies, from airports to mountain tops. We collaborate with you to find the most suitable solution and will execute the project from design to installation, anywhere in the world.


Experts in LED technology

With an enthusiastic team of approximately 70 people, each with their own specialties and expertise, everything is developed and produced in-house. The LED products are engineered by our own in-house research and development display. Only components of renowned and highly qualified manufacturers will be used.

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