Eyes on

Would you like to communicate with your surroundings in a dynamic way by placing an LED screen behind your window? And do you wish to receive light in the process?

Then a transparent LED display from Q-lite is the solution you are looking for. Because the LEDs are built up in separate strips, light can still shine in between these LED strips while, from the outside, the message on the LED display remains perfectly legible.

Transparant LED display

Optimal transparency

Thanks to our unique and innovative technology, bright light is preserved. The screen allows you to still see from the inside out, while impactful full-colour images are played on the front. Ideal to make your business stand out!

Depending on the chosen pixel pitch, you have a custom transparency level.

Pixel pitchTransparency
6,5 mm60%
10 mm70 – 85%

Largest Talking Windows in Western Europe

Shopping mall Hoog Catharijne Utrecht, one of the busiest places in the Netherlands, has added a 193 m² eye-catcher thanks to Q-lite. A strong example of customisation! Thanks to a 70% transparency rate, visitors get a unique shopping experience.

A transparent LED display is the new way to advertise: from impactful videos to 3D content. Let your windows tell the story!


  • From the inside: light and vision translucent
  • From the outside: dynamic full-colour image
  • Customisation down to the centimetre of your window frame
  • Easy assembly thanks to light weight
  • Readable in all weather conditions
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Incl. dimmer: energy-saving and always adapted to ambient light and content
  • No permit required
  • Low-maintenance
  • Silent
  • Maximum attention value
  • Spatial feeling

Make your windows work for you

Glass buildings

Shop windows

Indoor application

Unique design

Need a unique solution? We always think along with the customer. Our transparent LED displays are available in special shapes, such as a curved transparent display. Q-lite provides customisation down to the last centimetre.

Indoor application
with outdoor brightness

Impactful communication with the environment has never been easier. Back in 2014, we produced the first transparent LED screen and in 2019, we launched the further developed Talking Windows. This innovative version is even more transparent, has a simpler mounting method and has a pixel pitch of up to 6.5 mm.

Seen from the outside, this transparent LED display makes the same visual impact as a standard LED display, but inside, light incidence and visibility remains assured.

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