LCD displays

The solution for a razor-sharp image up close. In addition to indoor and outdoor LED, Q-lite also offers a wide range of LCD solutions for various markets and applications. Indoor in the display case or outdoor in a column, against the facade or even mobile. The possibilities are almost endless.

Indoor solutions

Indoor totem display with LCD display

Do you want to communicate with customers about the latest deals or wayfinding? With Q-Cloud, you can control the screens for every possible application. Even a touchscreen with a payment system is possible.

Due a higher brightness level and good climate control, your LCD screen will also be visible in full sun and will not overheat behind the window.

Outdoor solutions

LCD displays Stadhuis Antwerp

The best solution to pay attention of passers walking by. Due to the higher brightness and good climate control, our LCD applications are easy to read in all weather conditions and overheating is avoided.


The right size for every application. From 43 inch to 98 inch, the possibilities are endless. LCD walls can be installed for larger sizes. Do you want to avoid lines between more screens? Then LED can be the solution.

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Touch LCD Totem interactive display

Interactive Touch LCD-totems

Touch screen displays are the best solution for wayfinding. Our LCD totems are used in many shops and municipalities as wayfinding system for the visitor of a store or city.

There are a lot of possibilities:

  • The zoomable cartography shows important sights, events, cycling routes, facilities with additional information
  • Buy tickets for local events
  • Dynamic signage
  • City promotion

Charge display electric bike and car

LCD Charging Station

The sustainable eye-catcher for you company. The new generation of charging stations where your employees or visitors can charge their cars or bicycles. This will put your sustainable vision in the spotlight and provide an extra service to your visitors and staff. You can let your customers load for free or pay for this system by using a batch.

If you have solar panels on your commercial building, you can make 4 times the profit.

  • Earn on power, even when you ask less than the market price
  • Good-will visitor, charge on cheap conditions
  • Sustainable message, with impact on communication
  • Sell advertising

Possible solutions:

  • 1 of 2 charging points for car
  • 1 of 2 charging points for bikes or bicycle racks with an infinite number of bicycle charging points
  • Single or double sided 55 inch LCD screens
  • Solutions with light boxes
  • Touchscreen solutions

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