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Communicate impactful on small and large surfaces

Outdoor LED-displays

The ideal medium to convey your message. As a European producer of LED-displays, we supply high-quality custom LED-displays.

Customized LED-displays

One of the biggest advantages of LED-displays is the flexibility in size. Q-lite supplies Full Colour LED-displays from 2m² to more than 200m².

Standard LED-displays

In addition to our range of custom LED-displays, we also offer standard models. These are available quickly and have a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio.

Content is King

The layout of the played content is crucial to get your message out in an impactful way. That is why we offer our self-developed, user-friendly software in which you can easily format the desired content yourself. When you purchase an LED screen, you receive free training from our experts. No time or knowledge to create good content? Q-lite is happy to provide you with impressive images.

Circular LED-displays

The Q-LED TV, the most sustainable choice on the market! These LED-displays have a circular construction so that you can enjoy the same LED-display for up to 15 years.

  • Quick delivery
  • Pixel pitch upgradeable
  • Durable materials
  • Take-back guarantee

24/7 monitoring and service

Custom construction and assembly

Our project engineers work with you to develop a custom construction.

Your project, our challenge!

Design / Permit / Production / Installation / Maintenance

Transparent LED displays

Do you not have enough space in front of your door or against your facade, but you do have a nice window section? Our transparent LED screens are the solution!
  • Retains a view outwards and inwards
  • Preserves light
  • Tailored to your window and frame!
  • Easy to read due to high light intensity

Mobile LED displays

With a mobile LED-display you can place your LED-display in different locations, so you can use it flexibly at companies or events.

Everything in-house

hardware and software

Installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance

Remote monitoring

Processing products

Visual Experience Center

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