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That’s our promise. We give this attention not only to our customers, our solutions, but also to the world.

Our goal

We want to be leaders in the sustainable transition of our market and supply chain. That is why we try every day to better understand our own impact and that of our supply chain. This allows us to create a positive impact with a focus on circularity, energy and labour and human rights.

Impact with ESG plan

To secure sustainability in our organisation, we have been linking our strategic objectives to an ambitious ESG plan since 2018. This allows us to monitor, adjust and improve the key factors in an integrated way every year.

Environmental — energy consumption, climate, resource availability, …
Social — health, safety, traffic flow, clear information
Governance — good corporate governance, transparent supply chain …

Q-lite’s focus is on developing thoughtful solutions that make a positive contribution to the environment, people and our society. Think of our circular Q-LED TV, dynamic signage for smooth traffic flow or energy-efficient e-ink technology.

Shareholder VP Capital

VP Capital has been a major shareholder in Q-lite since 2015. As a family of investors, they adopt a sustainability strategy where they screen their entire portfolio for sustainable progress according to the ESG principle and its positive or negative impact on society.

In doing so, each company they invest in is given a sustainability score, which currently leads to one overall portfolio score of 7.9. Q-lite’s score is a 8.4 out of 10.

As a European manufacturer of electronic displays, our displays consume energy and raw materials. To minimise the negative impact of this, we are working towards a circular chain with a targeted carbon reduction plan. Besides understanding our material and CO₂ impacts, we also research other impact factors such as biodiversity, water, etc…

Circular thinking and acting

Onderhoud aan een displayoplossing als service verlening

We do that every day at Q-lite by designing our circular solutions and also offering them As-a-Service. Thanks to their sustainable design, these products have a low material and CO₂ impact in addition to a long lifespan.

Display as a service

‘Display as a Service’ is a circular all-in business model where Q-lite retains ownership of a display and installs, maintains and keeps it up to date at the customer’s premises for a period of 6 to 15 years (by contract) for an annual fee for services.

Partner in your CO₂ reduction plan

Q-lite has an ambitious net-zero CO2 reduction plan (SBTi) for:

SCOPE 1 & 2
Our own operational activities
Target: 38% reduction in 2030 vs. 2021

Customer and supplier emissions in our supply chain
Target: 25% reduction in 2026 compared to 2022

CO2-neutral Silver

Q-lite has been CO2 neutral certified since 2019. Thanks to our efforts, we achieved CO2 neutral Silver certification from CO2logic.

This does not mean that no CO2 is released in our operational activities, but that we have insight into our scope 1 and 2 and offset them through carbon credits. Since 2022, we also know our Scope 3, allowing us to already offset some of our emissions from the chain.

Refurbished digital displays

Q-lite offers a changing range of refurbished digital displays. Every year, we give some 30 to 50 displays a new life on the second-hand market.

At Q-lite, we put good employment and positive local impact at the heart of our business. Not only in our own organisation, but also in our supply chain, we keep an eye on the working conditions.

Good employment

Q-lite is known both internally and externally as a good employer with a warm and informal corporate culture. This translates into low employee turnover and high employee satisfaction.

Committed and informed colleagues

Besides a flat organisational structure with plenty of participation, we actively involve our colleagues in the operational business objectives: from product development to the financial numbers. In the monthly newsletter and quarterly info sessions, employees get an update on order intake, sales and growth, among other things.

The Employer Branding working group, consisting of a mixture of colleagues (HR, Marketing, Sustainability), monitors and promotes the team atmosphere and engagement of colleagues. Together, they work on welfare policy and a well-filled calendar of staff activities.

Employee satisfaction +8/10
Sick leave: 50% lower than industry average
Number of years of seniority: +10 years

Official learning company

Leren over displays en pixelpitch

Q-lite is an official learning company. Every year, we host more than 10 interns in various departments. A meaningful, instructive internship is central to this. Did you know that 10% of our colleagues once have done an internship at Q-lite?

Social enterprise

Since 2024, Q-lite has had a vision and plan of action around Social Return On Investment. The many stand-alone actions from previous years were compiled into a concrete action plan. We also made an in-depth analysis of the employability of SROI within the organisation to strengthen our social entrepreneurship in the short term.

Commitment to the local community

Q-lite supports the local community in several ways:

  • Sponsorship (money/material) for local associations
  • Our Visual Experience Center as a free event venue
  • Trashwalk on and around our sites
  • Lending our LED trailer to local schools and associations
  • Preferred collaborations with local partners (e.g. Downies&Brownies, ‘t Vershoekske, …
Trashwalk Baarle met personeel

We do what we promise and prove what we do. As an organisation, we strive hard to prove what do.

Quality labels

We have several quality labels. Find out what they mean for you.

Human rights in the supply chain

As a manufacturer of digital display solutions, Q-lite has a complex supply chain. To find the right partners in China and Taiwan, we have our own office in China. Our 3 colleagues on site are in close contact with our production in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Besides quality checks, they also monitor working conditions and human rights. Several suppliers obtained appropriate certifications for this purpose with external audits such as SA8000 and ISO45001, among others.

We aim for 75% of our suppliers outside Europe to have human rights certification or be audited by us.


Discover our biggest challenges to making ourselves and the chain more sustainable:

More sustainable imaging technology

More sustainable imaging technology

In many outdoor applications with short viewing distances, LCD is still used because of its high picture quality and affordability. Think digital stop displays and information kiosks in shopping streets and village centres. There are several drawbacks to LCD technology. This is why Q-lite is developing new solutions with LED technology and full-colour E-ink.
View image technology comparison

Lifespan extension, longer order periods

Lifespan extension, longer order periods

A sustainable display has a long lifespan and low energy consumption, preferably with an upgradeable circular design. These displays tend to be more expensive due to quality materials and high-performance power supplies (energy performance). It is often overlooked that the customer recovers this extra cost over its lifespan. This requires a comprehensive view of all costs rather than just the purchase price.

Efficient information flow from supplier to customer

Efficient information flow from supplier to customer

Being sustainable requires proof. Certifying and supplying data for product passports takes more and more time. An efficient process is needed to avoid compromising sustainability.

Quantifying sustainability in tenders

Quantifying sustainability in tenders

Determining the most sustainable solution is difficult without quantitative evidence. Therefore, we advocate for certifications, LCAs and EQIs so that buyers can correctly compare impact . Unfortunately, there is still limited consideration of this in tenders, resulting in sustainability stories being compared on the basis of feelings rather than facts and data.

Weight reduction digital displays

Weight reduction digital displays

The most durable material is no material. During the design process, we aim for minimal use of materials. For designers and suppliers, it is a challenge to find the right balance between safety, good climate control and maximum material reduction.

Understanding impact beyond CO2 and material impact

Understanding impact beyond CO2 and material impact

CO2 and material impacts are important factors, but we also need to consider toxicity, water consumption, biodiversity, and so on. Because of the complexity and sometimes contradictory effects of measures, such as improved CO2 emissions that can increase toxicity, it is a challenge to properly map these parameters and respond appropriately.