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Display as a Service

The ‘Display as a Service’ model is a circular business model where Q-lite places a display at the customer’s facility for a period of 7-15 years (depending on the contract) for a yearly fee.

Q-lite remaining the owner of the display, the DaaS business model encompasses placing, service, disassembly and electricity, for a yearly fee to be agreed upon in the contract.

The display that is placed at the customers facility has a modular design. Modular in this sense means that the display has been designed to facilitate instalment of all individual parts, but also to be disassembled fast en easy when the display reached its end-of-life phase.



The service can be performed better and more efficient, meaning that the display’s downtime is reduced when defects occur.


The modular design also allows upgrades that increase the lifespan and operational capacities of the display.

Lifespan extension

Many outdoor LED displays have a lifespan of 5-7 years. Our standard Q-LED TV has a lifespan of 10 years and can be extended to 15 years thanks to several innovations.


Depending on the age and condition, the display can be refurbished to extend the lifespan. This is realized by the disassemble capacities of the display.


The screw – and click system, designed in-house, allows for all parts to be disassembled in an easy way when the display has reached its end-of-life phase.


The disassemble possibilities allows for all individual parts to be separated in order to find their way to the right waste flow, ensuring the value of the materials will be maintained. These materials will be re-used in the production of new products.

As Q-lite remains the owner, the DaaS model drives the company towards product optimisation and sustainability. As Q-lite remains the owner, the DaaS model drives the company towards product optimisation and sustainability. To build this display, materials with the best features will be chosen in order for the displays’ lifespan to be as long as possible. An example of this are high performance LED’s consuming 30% less energy than traditional LED’s because the use of this LED’s will decrease our electricity bill. As Q-lite is taking every effort to reduce its ecological footprint, all displays will run on green electricity. Another advantage of remaining ownership is that the displays will find their way back to Q-lite when they reach end-of-life. At this stage the displays will be recycled or refurbished. Doing so, few valuable materials are wasted and Q-lite can offer a display of which the unpolluted materials can be re-used.

In order to build a sustainable display, Q-lite cooperates with partners that share the same vision towards sustainability and circularity, willing to collaborate transparently. Furthermore, it is very important for our partners to use recycled materials in their production processes and that the company pursues socially responsible business. This means that the company guarantees good working conditions and a safe work place for their employees. The use of primary materials is restricted, with the intend to replace these materials by recycled or secondary materials.

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