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Q-lite offers you the smartest kind of attention for every situation. We do this by producing the application of our display systems in various shapes and sizes.

Our systems are characterized by quality, durability and innovation and are equipped with various display technologies such as LED, LCD and E-ink. What is unique is that we develop and produce the hardware and software for our systems in-house in Western Europe. This allows us to offer you a wide range of standard and custom solutions.

At home in all markets!

We have customized LED and LCD display solutions for all possible situations, small or large.

A custom scoreboard for every budget and sport.

An outdoor LED screen offers you the opportunity to communicate with your target group in a powerful, flexible and efficient way.

With an indoor LED screen you have the possibility to display images in high resolutions and in large dimensions, such as scores, advertising and other applications.

The solution for a razor-sharp image up close.

Dynamic communication through a transparent LED screen in front of or behind your window.

Communicate flexibly along highways.

Use your LED screen flexibly at companies or events.

Inhouse developed LED displays for maximum attention and interaction.

Digital signage ensures good traffic flow.

Guide road users efficiently and actively to the desired car parks and parking locations.

Up-to-date route information for cyclists to get to their destination faster.

Inform road users about temporary traffic situations with LED traffic signs.

Modular LED boarding solutions for indoor and outdoor.

Opt for smart signage in your city to inform your pedestrians or cyclists thanks to dynamic wayfinding. From an info column with touch capabilities to digital LED totems showing you the way.

Up-to-date travel information at every public transport stop.

Inform about (temporary) traffic situations such as roadworks or emergencies.

A full color scoreboard is the solution for displaying competition information in combination with sponsors.

Let your practice immediately stand out, choose a recognizable dynamic green LED cross on your facade.

Meticulous timekeeping during the most crucial moments.

Always show current prices with the price displays.

Contribute to a safe working environment for your employees.

Customized marquees, suitable for all your dynamic LED advertising.

Attract attention with a time and temperature display with automatic synchronisation.

Displays showing real-time production information, among other things.

Digital information display with up-to-date information on icefall.

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