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Good public transport starts with attention for the traveller and a pleasant journey.
Our systems offer dynamic and up-to-date (travel) information.

Dynamic Traveler Information System

Recent studies, by CROW and others, confirm travellers have a great need for up-to-date travel information at the stop. 83% of passengers are in favour of a DRIS (Dynamic Passenger Information System) panel at every bus stop. Thus, up-to-date passenger information plays a vital role within public transport.

Q-lite develops information systems that provide bus, tram, train, metro or ferry users with up-to-date travel information. A Dynamic Passenger Information System (DRIS) is offered as a complete solution. In doing so, we provide the complete chain, from raw travel information from a central data integrator (including NDOV) to ready-to-use information on the stop systems.

The dynamic displays at the bus stop are made in LED, LCD and E-ink, among others, and feature a razor-sharp image and reliable quality.

As Q-lite, we like to have everything in our own hands. That is why we develop the systems completely in-house with our R&D department. Our project office relieves you from A to Z during realisation and our support department secures system availability during the maintenance phase.


With our ‘Display-as-a-Service’ possibility, we offer you the opportunity to provide up-to-date travel information at any location for a fixed monthly fee. Display as a Service is deployable throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to its scalability, it is suitable for both a single stop and a large concession. You will always be up-to-date, and we also offer an availability of more than 98% for the entire system.

Transport information point: display with up-to-date travel information

With a transport information point, you can see at a glance what time the next bus, train, tram, metro or ferry leaves at the stop(s) nearby at a glance and score points towards a BREEAM certification.

E-ink: sustainable display technology

E-ink stands for electronic ink. This innovative technology is in full development. Discover the possibilities…


De informatiepanelen worden op afstand aangestuurd en beheerd via het door Q-lite ontwikkelde RAAAK-platform. Hét IoT-platform om informatiesystemen aan te sturen en te beheren.

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