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In a circular economy, numerous strategies are applied to continue to (re)use high quality products and materials. The products can be repaired, have a high second-hand value and can easily be upgraded and disassembled in order to be transformed to new products. Moreover, the materials are highly recyclable or degradable.



Circular economy at Q-lite

Sustainability is one of the most important targets at Q-lite. We have taken multiple initiatives to transform the current business model into a circular business model. Currently, numerous steps have been taken towards a circular product design. This enables us to offer circular products in different fashions. An example of this is the Display as a Service model.

Duurzame productie

De eerste stap is een duurzaam modulair design.

Duurzaam gebruik

Door het modulaire design zijn de displays goed te onderhouden en te upgraden.


Wanneer het scherm aan het einde van zijn levensduur is, bieden wij de optie aan om het scherm terug te halen.


Er zijn nog verschillende uitdagingen waarbij we nog op zoek zijn naar hulp.

VITO calculation Display as a Service and environmental impact​

Circular design from Q-lite


For the transition to a circular business model, we have joined various organizations for advice and support.