Multifunctional scoreboards

Meticulous timekeeping during the most crucial moments

Both the athlete and the audience are glued to the time registration screen just before the finish during the decisive seconds.
What is the achieved time? Is it a personal record or a track record?
At such times, accurate timekeeping is crucial and contributes greatly to the overall sporting experience.

The various possibilities of sports timing

Timekeeping varies by sport. Therefore, we can record timing in several ways. For example, it is possible to record the time registration manually or automatically via various sensors.

At Q-lite, you can link your time tracking system to:

One system for all your screens

Your electronic timekeeping along with all your other screens and shot clocks can be easily controlled with one system. Moreover, you can also easily expand the control panel with external systems for a complete sports experience:

Custom-made timekeeping

Our experts will review with you the best equipment for your sports facility. In addition, our installers ensure a flawless connection. In addition, we offer customized training for your employees and provide regular maintenance.

Job Laurijssen

Multifunctional scoreboards

Q-lite’s multifunctional scoreboard systems contribute to an optimal competition experience in your sports facility. It goes without saying that the systems fully meet the requirements of the NOC*NSF and sports federations such as the FIBA, the FINA and many other international and national sports federations. Read more about our multifunctional scoreboard systems on one of the following pages.

More info or a customized solution?

Our colleagues will be happy to help you. We can also provide you with a professional installation of your scoreboards!

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