King Willem II stadium Tilburg




Willem II





2x outdoor LED scoreboard (10 mm) – (7 x 4 m)


Willem II scores with new stadium screens

Before, during and after the game

The old scoreboards in the King Willem II stadium were replaced by two new, durable LED displays. The entire old structure gives way to a custom-made steel frame.

The full colour scoreboards with an area of up to 28m² do not only display current scores, time and logos. The outdoor digital displays also offer sponsors and advertisers the opportunity to display their advertising messages in large format to large audiences.

Thanks to the State-of-the-Art technology with full-colour images, the club will be able to move forward in a sustainable way for years to come. Thus, Willem II is ready for victory!

Collega Dick en Jos van Willem II aan het scorebord

With the new displays, we are taking another great step towards an optimal match experience. The old screens were in dire need of replacement and this will allow us to provide stadium visitors with great content around Willem II matches again. We worked extremely pleasantly at this beautiful solution with partner Q-lite from the start.

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