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We pay attention to an efficient traffic flow, the fastest way from point A en B in a sustainable city. With all our systems and solutions you can control your traffic flows.

Municipalities and provinces uses dynamic traffic management to maintain the proper flow of traffic. Important components of this include the Dynamic Route Information Panels (also called DRIPs), matrix signallers, and also parking guidance systems. The use of our systems creates a grip on traffic and it is possible to influence the driving behaviour of road users.

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The DRIPs show current route information to the road user in the form of delay times, warnings with regard to road safety and, for example, communications from Rijkswaterstaat (for NL), Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) or De Vlaamsewaterweg nv (for BE). This can be done in a fixed arrangement along the roadside or as a temporary solution in the form of a mobile and movable object.

The so-called city DRIPs are smaller than the well-known (roadside) DRIPs. Yet these smaller displays show the same amount of information to the road user. This is because the city DRIPs have a different size and ratio than a (verge) DRIP. These city DRIPs are also provided with a smaller pixel pitch. Due to the compact design, the displays are suitable for use in the city and this version is the new standard in urban areas.

Matrix signal transmitters

Matrix signal transmitters are used on roads to inform traffic about an adjusted maximum speed or a closed roadway, but also for special situations such as a sharp bend or strong wind. The signalling devices are linked to a roadside system that monitors the current traffic situation and indicates which information should be displayed on the matrix signalling devices.

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Parking guidance system

Many cities now a days have a parking guidance system. This way, visitors to the city are informed about the parking route, the correct direction to a parking location and the availability of the number of parking spaces. With these systems it is possible to show the optimal route to the road users based on triggers, for example when a bridge is open or a parking garage is full.

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Shipping industry

Q-lite also offers solutions for the shipping industry. For example, Dynamic Shipping Information Panels (DSIPSs) are used along rivers and canals to inform and refer shipping. We also place DSIPs in the port to indicate the current function of berths and unloading places in order to guarantee optimal use of berths. We also offer various solutions for water level and clearance height displays at bridges and locks.

Perfectly legible

All our products and solutions have a very clear legibility and an aesthetic design. In addition, they are certified according to the NEN-EN12966 standard and approved by Rijkswaterstaat, Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer or the Vlaamsewaterweg..

Optimal availability

Q-lite takes care of the complete management and maintenance of the system, so you can be assured of high-quality products and optimal availability of the entire system for many years.


The information panels are remotely controlled and managed through the RAAAK platform developed by Q-lite. The IoT-platform to control and manage information systems.

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