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LED Boarding

More dynamic on the pitch with digital billboards

Sporting events are increasingly using digital advertising boarding along the side of the pitch, also known as LED boarding. This LED boarding can be placed both indoors and outdoors around the match field. Moreover, Q-lite has developed special software so you can easily control the boarding yourself to programme logos or videos of your sponsors.

LED boarding specs

  • Additional protection through cushions on the top of the boarding
  • Perfect placement thanks to specially adapted mounting brackets
  • Simple control via Dutch software
  • Custom length, standard height of ± 80cm
  • Perfect readability in all (weather) conditions
  • Automatic brightness with dimmer based on ambient light
  • Dynamic advertising: logos, texts and videos
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Why choose LED advertising boarding?

Upgrading to LED boarding has benefits not only for your sponsors but also for your sports club. Offer your sponsor extra attention and benefit from it as a club too!

  • Durable: High-quality LED boarding lasts longer compared to traditional advertising panels affected by rain, wind and sun.
  • More possibilities: Thanks to the dynamic aspect of LED boarding, your sponsors can display varied messages. Moreover, the moving images are a real eye-catcher on the pitch.
  • Professional installation: You can confidently leave the installation to our installation team. After delivery, they will explain the LED software to you. And what’s more, you can call on our telephone helpdesk free of charge.

Other electronic LED solutions for your sports club

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