Mobile Signage

Mobile information systems are dynamic and up-to-date information systems deployed during (temporary) traffic situations such as roadworks or emergencies. These systems make an important contribution to road safety and efficient traffic flow.

A mobile information system is available as a separate text car, as part of a crash absorber or MRS/MRI, but can also be installed separately on service vehicles or company buses. It makes these systems the ideal communication tool on and along public roads.

Q-lite offers the following mobile systems, among others:

Mobile text cars come in many different shapes and sizes. In basic terms, a text cart consists of a chassis with a folding or retractable mechanism on which the digital display is mounted.

The text cars for nighttime deposition, also known as mobile cordons or RAIN trailers ( in dutch Rijdende Afzetting in de Nacht) , are equipped as standard with 2 matrix displays of 80×80 pixels placed one above the other. As a result, these text trolleys comply with the CROW guideline.

To inform road users of the lanes to be used during raodworks, MLS systems are now widely used. These Mobile Lane Signalling systems feature a long arm that hangs above the road and displays the signalling for several lanes on the signallers.

Crash absorbers are security vehicles at work and are equipped with a digital matrix display in addition to a crash cushion.

For temporary situations, Q-lite also supplies mobile DRIPs. These DRIPs can be placed temporarily at locations to inform traffic or visitors.

Q-lite developed the first autoDRIPs (variable-message sign (VMS) that is mounted to a vehicle of road supervisors) for Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands in 2006. The autoDRIP is a Dynamic Route Information Panel, which is mounted on the body of a service vehicle. Using this autoDRIP, warnings, information and advice can be given to road users in case of emergencies by means of texts and/or pictograms.

The TACTIC is the new generation of autoDRIP. A complete roof kit that includes a DRIP in addition to signalling. This roof kit is universal and can therefore be fitted to any vehicle.

NEN-EN12966 certified

All Q-lite’s mobile display solutions are fully certified in accordance with NEN-EN12966 standards. This makes them suitable for installation along European roads and ensures you a high-quality, durable product with the right technical and optical functionalities.


All display solutions are equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system. The user can retrieve all data recorded by the display system. In addition to the status of all components, temperature and humidity, options include reading the current battery voltage, for example. This way, you always have insight into the correct state of the system.


To operate the mobile information systems, the RAAAK platform can be used to access your display systems from anywhere in the world. Through a clear and user-friendly dashboard, you are able to monitor, adjust and manage all your systems.

Number plate recognition

The advancedANPR-technology can read the vehicle’s number plate and display it on the LED screen. This could be used, for example, for a street awareness campaign or a visual of a (fictitious) fine.

Optimal availability thanks to the correct preventive maintenance

With proper maintenance, we ensure that you get maximum use out of your display systems and failures are prevented. It also extends the lifetime of the display systems. Because we develop, produce and manage our own systems, we know better than anyone else what maintenance is needed to keep display systems functioning reliably.


Thanks to a roof kit with optical signalling, the TACTIC ensures correct information to road users and good traffic flow during works or emergencies.

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