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The world is full of big data. The need for more and up-to-date information continues to grow, and from the ‘Internet of Things’ idea, we like to connect systems wirelessly.


Q-Cloud is online software that allows you to control your display(s) via an internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). The advantage is no more software needs to be installed on a PC or laptop. This allows you to edit and schedule content from any device (PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet) connected to the internet.

In addition, it is possible to control the same display with multiple users, with all users having a complete view of the current status of the display. Moreover, in addition to creating multiple users, it is also possible to assign these users fewer rights, such as read-only or edit-only.



The instructional videos below (without audio) walk through the functions of the software.

Graphic displays

Text displays