Q-lite installed the largest transparent LED screen in Western Europe!

Shopping center Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht has an new eye-catcher of no less than 193 square meters. The enormous glass facade at the entrance opposite Utrecht Central Station is completely covered with a transparent LED display. A unique technique in which the light incidence is preserved and one can still look outside from the inside.

More experience

With over 140 shops and restaurants, the shopping center is one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. The transparent LED display was installed on behalf of blowUP media Benelux BV. Content will be shown with impactful videos and 3D content. Utrecht gains a new unique attraction. Internationally, a lot of interest in the location has already been shown.

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It was not easy to install this LED display. Many new techniques have been used to keep the transparency of the LED display as high as possible,” says commercial director Jacco Zwart. The LED display has a transparency of 70%. This means that visitors inside the building can look outside, while outside visitors see a full-color image. Transparent content can also be shown on the display making it possible that you partly get an image and partly can still see through the display. This will give a unique experience.

The The special shape of the entrance of the building presented an additional difficulty: With a normal LED display, we would not have been able to cover the entire window. However by using custom-made LED modules, the entire window with slanted edges could be covered.

The new application breaks through

The transparent LED display in this kind is a new innovative technique Q-lite brought to the market in 2018, says Jacco Zwart.Ideal for supermarkets, business offices, sports centers, and car dealerships. There is great interest in this product, even outside the Benelux. For example, we are currently providing more than 30 E.Leclerc supermarkets in France with transparent LED displays.


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