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The world is full of big data. The need for more and up-to-date information continues to grow, and from the ‘Internet of Things’ idea, we like to connect systems wirelessly.

Q-Cloud is online software that allows you to control your display(s) via an internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). The advantage is no more software needs to be installed on a PC or laptop. This allows you to edit and schedule content from any device (PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet) connected to the internet.


The online dashboard gives you global access to the platform. From this dashboard, you are able to manage and customise all your systems.


The information from the RAAAK platform is made visible on your display system. But that’s not the only thing. Showing information in an app, on a website or a third-party system is also among the possibilities.

Data Input

Separating technology and content has made it possible to standardise links. This allows the RAAAK platform to interface with both traditional and future systems, data streams and interfaces.

Technical management

Our support department has a continuous connection to the platform. This gives us 24/7 insight into the performance of your system. We are able to monitor the system extensively and updates are rolled out quickly and easily via the cloud.

Visually clear

The dashboard includes a clear map showing your systems. Clear icons and colours give you instant insight into the current status.

Comprehensive diagnostics

Down to the detail level, you have insight into the status of system components, connection and the correct display of information on your display.

Designing freely

The design screen allows you to design and send the information for your displays.

Accurate reporting

All data relating to the logging of the central and local system components are displayed in tables or graphs.

Want to find out more about RAAAK?

It is possible! We will be happy to give you more information about our software offerings. Looking for a demo, want to make an appointment or just get some more information: