Mobile LED display

A mobile LED display is a flexibel way to use your LED display at companies or events. In theory, every LED display can also be made mobile by mounting on a trailer. There are different types of trailers available, including open trailers or trailers with a closed structure in which a fully shielded space for the LED display and a separate control room are provided.


  • Trailer is movable and therefore free of permit. Because of moveability the trailer can be used at different locations
  • Construction of various types of LED displays on trailer possible
  • Trailer with hydraulic lifting mast that can be rotated 360° and support legs for wind load
  • For protection of the mobile LED display, built-in GPS tracking system is optionable
Mobile led-display
  • Perfectly readable from every angle, under all weather conditions
  • Can be used for advertising or ‘live TV’ such als sports games
  • Dimmer: automatic brightness control based on ambient light and content
  • European product in accordance with CE-, EMC- and VLAREM

Communicate with the LED display on different locations or events

A mobile Q-lite LED display is a possible solution if you want to communicate with a LED display at various locations (multiple establishments, events). Due to the construction on a trailer the LED displays are multifunctional deployable. They can be used as advertising display or “outdoor TV” to display your sponsors or sports games.

What can we do for you?

  • Good advice and a custom made solution for your specific wishes
  • Complete offer for LED display, trailer, control and security possible
  • Visit our Visual Experience Center to take a look at your display of choice
  • Expertise and explanation of permit requirement
  • Q-lite employees can provide installation and software training
  • Free helpdesk for all your questions about your display and software

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