Ice alert display

The demand for green energy is very high. In order to meet this demand, more windmills will appear to generate wind energy. Aside from the many advantages of this way of generating power, these immense structures also bring along danger during winter. There’s a possibility of ice formation on the wings of the windmills. This ice can fall off and cause danger to people beneath and around the windmill.¬†We have developed a special warning display in addition to other preventive systems (including IPS, Ice Preventing System, from Topwind) for people near the windmill: the “Ice Alert display”. This display warns about the possible danger of falling ice, making people aware of the possible risks around windmills.


  • Display is perfectly readable under all weather conditions
  • Control can be connected to a windmill
  • Wireless control possible
  • Possible independent control by means of built-in temperature sensor
  • Image of a windmill combined with accompanying text
Ice Alert Display
  • Mounting on a pole or facade
  • Display available in different languages: Dutch, German, English and French
  • Dimmer: automatic brightness control based on ambient light and content
  • Possible to expand with warning light
  • Power supply through solar panels possible

Alert the environment on possible dangers

The Ice Alert display gives you the possibility to inform the environment on the possible danger of falling ice from the wings of a windmill.

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