E.Leclerc Hauconcourt

  • Transparant LED-scherm
  • Transparant LED-scherm
  • Transparant LED-scherm
  • Transparant LED-scherm

Spacious feeling

The transparent display at the different establishments from E. Leclerc give a spacious feeling, are of high quality and custom made.

Retained light

With a transparent LED-display, you can retain the wanted light. Because the strips with LED-light allow the light to come through, while your content is still perfectly visible on the outside. So, a transparent LED-display has the same visual impact as a standard LED-display.


Manager E. Leclerc Avermes: “We are very satisfied with the transparent LED-display. Now, our travel agency stands out even more. Another pro is that the display is noise-reducing.”

Custom made

The displays at E. Leclerc are made to the millimeter. At the establishment in Avermes, the display of 21 m2 with a pixel pitch of 6,5 mm fits perfectly into the shopwindow of the travel agency.

Can not be missed

The big display of 37 m2 with a pixel pitch of 10 mm at the establishment of Hauconcourt hangs above the entrance and cannot be missed. Fun detail: to reduce the inconvenience for the clients to a minimum, the display was installed at night.

Client E.Leclerc
Partner DXM PROFUSE, exclusive partner for France
Delivery Avermes September 2020 Hauconcourt January 2021
Display Transparant LED-scherm