Interparking Brussels






Neopaul | Digitopia




6x double-sided sign (3.9 mm) | 4x single-sided facade display (3.9 mm)

A smooth parking experience in the heart of Brussels

Dynamic signage

The two busy car parks in the centre of Brussels are now extra visible thanks to several double-sided signs with full-colour images.

Dynamic parking and payment information appears on the digital signboards around Interparking Brouckère and the revamped BruCity: from temporary promotions and advertising messages to clear parking signs .

The eye-catching digital signage in a square housing can be found in the streets around these car parks. Search traffic immediately sees where they can easily park. The screens not only hang near the entrance, but also above the four pedestrian parking entrances.

Outdoor facade displays

Driving past one of the car parks, you will immediately notice the dynamic facade displays above the entrances and exits. Its elongated design allows you to display numerous messages. This way, as a visitor, you immediately know whether the car park meets your requirements:

  • Is there still enough parking?
  • What are the parking fees?
  • Can I park by motorbike?
  • Are electric charging stations available?

Clear communication for smooth parking in the busy centre of the capital!

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