Safety and industrial displays

As a company, it is essential to raise awareness among your employees so that a safe working environment can always be guaranteed. Good communication about safety within your organization is therefore crucial to achieve the desired objectives.

A Q-lite safety display is therefore the tool to display all indicators in a dynamic way.

Different indicators can be:

  • Number of days without an accident since the last accident
  • Number of lost working days due to accidents
  • Record number of days without an accident
  • Number of speeding offenses on the site this month

There is also the possibility to expand the safety display with a full-colour module where you can share general information about your activities with your employees.

In addition to creating a safe working environment, the information on the safety display also forms a positive message to your suppliers and customers. They immediately see that safety is very important to your company.

A Q-lite safety display can be controlled in various ways. This can be done in a very simple way with a remote control. If you have a registration system, it is possible to link the Q-lite safety displays to this and the display of the information is shown partially or fully automatically.

  • Agrifirm Apeldoorn
  • Valinox NuclĂ©aire
  • Veiligheidsdisplay Philips
  • LCD-buiten, Outdoor-LCD, LCD-totem LCD-laadzuil

Show the time and temperature on the same display. By showing the time and temperature on the same display, the other messages are unconsciously looked at more!


VA solution for every situation. Our many standard models for indoor and outdoor use are supplied in your house style and adapted to the environment. An environment with very low temperature or an environment with a lot of dust is no problem for us.

Safety display with textline


ESimple, efficient and budget friendly. Choose one of our standard versions and we will work out the design in your corporate identity together with you!

Are you going to change your house style after a few years? We adapt the display for you!

Dynamic safety display

With a full colour LED or LCD screen you can dynamically display safety information alternated with other company announcements..

We like to think together with you about the design, management and implementation. For example, a safety display can be fitted with a dynamic section and LED letters.

Productiedisplay Q-LED TV

Information in case of calamities

Q-lite offers various solutions and display techniques for this. From robust and explosion-proof enclosures to systems that remain fully functional, even in the event of a long-term power failure.

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RAAAK platform for control

We have developed the RAAAK platform to control and manage the safety displays. With this platform you can control the safety displays yourself, so that the information shown is always up-to-date. Thanks to a number of standardized interfaces, this platform is also the basis for linking with external systems, data sources, devices and PLCs.

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