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Good public transport starts with attention for the traveller and a pleasant journey.
Our systems offer dynamic and up-to-date (travel) information.

Public transport

Up-to-date passenger information plays an essential role in public transport. Q-lite develops information systems that provide bus, tram, train, metro or ferry users with up-to-date travel information. A Dynamic Traveler Information System is offered as a total solution. We provide the entire chain, from raw travel information from a central data integrator to ready-to-use information on the bus stop systems. With our ‘DRIS-as-a-Service’ service, it is even possible to realize up-to-date travel information at any location for a fixed amount per month.

The RAAAK platform developed by us is central to the DRIS. The dashboard of this platform provides you with insight into the status and availability of all systems and system components 24/7. Reports can be generated quickly and easily and you automatically gain access to the Incident Registration System.

Because we develop, realize and maintain all systems in-house, we are able to offer you the shortest route from need to solution like no other. With our professional project approach, we also guarantee a clear working method, fixed agreements and timely delivery.

After delivery, the support department ensures maximum availability of the DRIS with 24/7 monitoring via the RAAAK platform and proper maintenance. We record the agreements for this in a Service Level Agreement.

Our high-quality display systems are equipped with various display technologies such as LED, LCD and electronic ink (E-ink). They have excellent legibility and can be used anywhere in public space.

There is an increasing demand for more space for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, as well as more greenery and better air quality. This evolution calls for smart solutions to inform and refer all these groups.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to use smart displays to respond to the residents and visitors of your city or municipality..

Smart mobility solutions for an accessible, safe and hospitable city


Projectmanagement from A to Z

With our project management we take care of everything down to the last detail…


RAAAK for Public Transport

The heart of our systems is the RAAAK-platform. All systems are controlled, managed and monitored via this platform…