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Q-LED TV: outdoor LED screen municipality of Rotselaar

New circular LED screen on the Steenweg on Holsbeek in Rotselaar.

The municipality of Rotselaar will be the first Belgian municipality to use Circular LED screens via Q-lite’s Display as a Service concept.

After Schiphol, the municipality of Rotselaar will now also use the circular LED screens from Q-lite. They will be the first municipality in Belgium to do this via the circular ‘Display as a Service’ concept.

6 or 12 years sustainable

The ‘Display as a Service’ contract has been concluded for a period of 6 years. At the end of this period, the municipality of Rotselaar has the option to extend the contract for a new period of 6 years, whereby Q-lite immediately upgrades the LED printing so that the resolution almost doubles. All other components will be retained for this upgrade.

At the end of the 6 or 12 year contract period, Q-lite will take care of the dismantling, recycling and reuse of the complete installation. Given the durable construction of the screens, Q-lite can reuse them at another customer.

Better LED screens, less environmental impact

Mayor Wouters van Rotselaar is enthusiastic about the sustainable and innovative choice the municipality is making:

“The environmental impact of electronic products increases every year, but by purchasing in a different way we can reduce this impact. Many electronic products could last longer, if the design allows it. By opting for a DaaS construction with an upgradeable product, we will actually have a new and better screen after 6 years in terms of appearance, but without having a completely new screen produced. Imagine that the manufacturer of your TV upgrades the device after 5 years, so that you can use the same TV for another 5 years and you go from 4K to 8K resolution.”

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