Zone 30 Traffic Signs

To ensure safety in residential areas, urban areas and school environments, municipalities are increasingly turning to dynamic Zone 30 signs.

Smart, because thanks to a temporary speed limit at specific times, you guarantee extra safety on the street when it is really needed.

Unlike static zone 30 signs, our dynamic system automatically switches back to the higher speed limit after congestion, restoring optimum traffic flow.

50% grant in Flanders

Dynamic traffic signs are covered by the safe school environment grant.

Why dynamic traffic signs?

Static traffic signs

  • Little room for understanding outside rush hour or school hours.
  • As a result, road users ignore the signs more often, or take shortcuts to avoid slow zones.
  • No smooth traffic flow.

dynamic traffic signs

  • There is more understanding with a temporary speed limit.
  • Road users therefore adhere better to the speed limit.
  • Dynamic LED displays stand out more to drivers.
  • Easily integrated into a traffic management system.

Dynamic road signs increase road safety

Research shows that accident risk increases with an increase in speed. This could have significant consequences for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists: 

  • Speed 30km/h > 5% deaths
  • Speed 50 km/h  > 45% deaths
  • Speed 65 km/h  > 85 % deaths

Reducing the speed limit temporarily to 30 km/h really increases road safety in busy centres and school environments. 

Various versions

Our account managers will be happy to advise you on the choice for the specific traffic situation.
The dynamic zone signs are available in various versions:

Choose zone 30,50 or 70Show both zone 30, 50 and 70 with only 1 signDemonstrate the desired speed, a traffic sign, a pictogram or a current traffic message and alternate

Remote controllable

With the calendar function in the included software, you can easily set your own times when the zone display should be active. Control is simple and wireless from a PC or smartphone. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust time settings or add separate holiday times for a defined period.

Do you wish to link the dynamic zone 30 signs in your city or municipality’s traffic management system? Even that’s possible! Take an integrated approach to mobility.


Speedometer with reward

25% less speeding in your neighbourhood? Yes please!

The Safety-safe concept positively encourages motorists to drive less fast.

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