How do you create an experience in your showroom?

Imagine you are in the woods. What do you notice? Of course the trees, the grass or sand under your feet. When it is summer, the predominant green color. The sound of the leaves and the birds. But also the scent of the trees or the flowers. And how do you feel about this? Cheerful, calm, or energetic? The combination of smelling, hearing, seeing, feeling and sometimes tasting influences how you feel. But what does this have to do with my showroom? You can respond to the senses of customers by creating an experience in your showroom. If your customer has a positive experience in your showroom, the step to purchase is much smaller. So here are the elements that are a must!

So here are the elements that are a must!

The first step, of course, is to look at your product. It is important to know what you want to achieve and which senses you want to respond to. For example, if you are a baker, you mainly use scent to make customers feel hungry. But the presentation of your product also plays a role, as it strengthens your hunger pangs. Of course, if the customer wants to buy the product, he does not know what it tastes like. That is why the smell and presentation are very important for the baker. Therefore, first check which senses your product can respond to.

To paint a clear picture, we use the example of the forest. To create an experience in the showroom, you can choose which senses you want to respond to and which applications you can use for this. In this case, the smell, the sound and the content. But what applications are there for this?



By means of scent marketing you can spread a pleasant familiar or innovative scent in your showroom. There is a wide range of standard scents available, but you can also have a scent developed specifically for your company. Fragrances affect your mood. For example, the scent of jasmine calms you down and the scent of lemon makes you confident. To really create a forest experience, you naturally choose a wood scent such as cedar wood that is known to give you courage and calm down.

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Digital content

You can go either way with the content. To create an experience you can think of color, light, movement and shapes.

An LED wall helps you to create a real experience through the adjustable moving images.

For example, you can really bring a forest to life by showing moving images of trees and flowers. But also show what the possibilities of your products are.

Ambiance light can be used as an additional element. You can choose the color and adjust the brightness yourself.

Have you ever thought of using your showroom ceiling for an extra experience? When your customer walks into the showroom it will have a wow factor. The customer looks around and at one point also looks up. Instead of a standard ceiling, there are LED panels.

The content on these panels is easy to adjust and complete your showroom. This way you can show the sky with moving clouds, creating a spacious feeling.

This really gives your customer a total experience! And what about LED panels as a floor? The moving content makes it look like the ground beneath you is really moving! For example, you can let your customers walk on moving water.

A transparent LED screen can also provide an experience. You can place this behind a window to display products, but also as a demarcation between two spaces. This way you separate two spaces while retaining light and a spacious feeling! And how about an interactive LCD screen? Here you can show your products in an impactful way and show the possibilities for customization. This way your customer immediately knows what the options are!


Sound also plays a major role in creating an experience. Consider, for example, background music or sound for videos.

If you play quiet music in your showroom, a customer will feel more at ease than, for example, with rock music.

Use music only as background music or as music to enhance digital content, otherwise it can be perceived as disturbing.

But ambient sounds can also put your customer at ease without them realizing it!

We summarize briefly

To create an experience in your showroom, you can respond to the senses of your customer. Especially smell, sound and content are important. You can have a scent developed yourself or choose a standard scent.

Each scent has its own effect. For sound, you can go for background music or ambient sounds to put the customer at ease.

In terms of content, you can go in all directions, such as an LED wall, transparent LED screen or LED panels on the ceiling or floor. If you’re not sure what the best solution is, we’re happy to help!

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