Kortrijk, the city of the future on the screens of the future

From 5 May to June 7, 2022 you will find the transparent LED screens from Q-lite in the Kiosk on the Graanmarkt in Kortrijk. Our transparent solution can transmit up to 80% light while maintaining optimal full color images on the outside.

The pop-up building changes its creative content every month, because Designregio Kortrijk links West Flemish manufacturing companies to young designers. Q-lite joins forces with designer Alexander Kerhof to transform the Kiosk into a real eye-catcher. With the innovative screen technology of the future, we show what the Kortrijk of the future will look like.

Talking Windows

Kortrijk is a city in transition. There are still many urban renewal projects on the program in the coming years, from the student tower on Campus Vives to the historic center around the Church of Our Lady. What better way to bring that future to life than with striking images? So we at Q-lite take the initiative to completely decorate the Kiosk on the Graanmarkt with our latest innovation: the Talking Windows. Designer Alexander Kerhof provides animations of the city of the future, we provide our striking transparent screens of the future.

You look right through it

A standard indoor LED display, installed behind a window, takes away a lot of light. But with our transparent LED solution, your windows tell your story without loss of light. Amazing, right?

Our transparent screens are displays that can transmit up to 80% (!) light while maintaining optimal full color images on the outside. They are specially constructed from strips with LEDs through which the light shines. So you look straight through it! Are you curious about all the benefits?

Discover them here!

Strong piece of customization

The unique Talking Windows are the ideal LED solution for showrooms, shop windows or office buildings. The transparent displays can be finished to perfection, so that you can fill entire windows. For example, in 2021 we installed the largest transparent LED wall in Western Europe. The 193 m² screen can be seen at the entrance of the Hoog Catharijne shopping center in Utrecht.

Welcome to Kortrijk!

We, at Q-lite, also opt for the transparent LED solution with 70% transparency to put our new branch in Kortrijk on the map. Are you driving along the E17 highway near Kortrijk-East? Then you can spot our 27m² LED display behind the windows of the Snowball business complex, where we have been located since 2022. Would you like to take a look behind the (LED) screens? Make an appointment with one of our advisors in Kortrijk!

The brand new transparent LED screen on the Snowball building and the creative arrangement from May 4 to May 2019. June 7 in the Kiosk in the center of Kortrijk ensures that our customers in France and East and West Flanders can also admire our innovative product live.

We welcome you in Kortrijk!

Visual Experience Center

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