Municipality of Amsterdam





Bicycle displays


Cyclists are always welcome on the IJ ferries of GVB Amsterdam. Until now, however, the current departure information of these ferries was lacking for cyclists, so that people often had to wait unnecessarily for a pontoon. To this end, Q-lite designed, produced and installed bicycle DRIPs (Dynamic Route Information Panel) specially intended for this purpose.

Strategic locations

The DRIPs are placed at various strategic locations around the IJ in Amsterdam and indicate the distance to the departure pontoon, along with the number of minutes until the ferry service departs. Any additional information can be shown on an extra display line. In this way, the cyclist can determine in advance which spring is the best choice at that moment.

Anwb layout

The design, calculation and delivery of 3 single-sided DRIPs, consisting of signs according to ANWB layout with integrated dynamic LED displays, including mast construction and specific control software.