Bike Park Control



Different municipalities





Bicycle displays


Bike ParkVarious bicycle parking facilities have recently been equipped with a modern bicycle detection system. The so-called ‘Bike Park Control’ detects incoming and outgoing cyclists in order to calculate the current occupancy rate of the bicycle parking. As a result, optimal use is made of the capacity of the parking facility, abandoned bicycles are a thing of the past and cyclists are made aware of the best place to park their bicycle.

Free parking spaces

The number of free spaces in the bicycle shed is shown on various bicycle displays. Both at the entrance to the parking facility and before each row, cyclists are informed of the number of unused parking spaces and the best place to park their bicycle. The displays are equipped with a sharp pixel pitch so that the information is also very readable from a greater distance.

Various train stations

The following train stations, among others, have equipped their bicycle parking facilities with the Bike Park Control system: Utrecht, Rotterdam, Beverwijk, Zutphen, Nijmegen, Breda, Groningen and Delft.