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The Province of Fryslan has recently introduced a new Dynamic Traveler Information System (DRIS). This system provides up-to-date travel information at the most important public transport hubs in the province.

This new DRIS has been developed and realized by Q-lite. And all for a fixed amount per quarter. We call this DRIS-as-a-Service.


Unique to this project is that the functional request by the province and this form of service is new in this market. In addition, the system is completely contemporary and innovative. For example, within this project the latest developments have been applied in the field of the presentation of travel information, information about delays and technological innovations.

Design and design

An example of this contemporary development is that the presentation of travel information has been fully aligned with the pre-trip phase of the traveller. For example, the departure time is also shown instead of the time until departure, so that it remains possible for the traveler to search for ‘the bus from 14:26 to Leeuwarden’ on the display. Furthermore, the stop and overview displays have been carried out according to a completely new design. This takes into account the recognisability for the traveler, the optimal readability of the information and the identity of the province of Fryslan. Bovendien wordt de presentatie van de informatie op de displays elk jaar geëvalueerd, getoetst en waar nodig aangepast aan de wensen van de reizigers.

RAAAK platform provides control

Central to the DRIS is the RAAAK platform developed by Q-lite. With this clear platform, all systems are controlled, managed and monitored. The dashboard contains a clear map in which all systems are displayed. Thanks to clear icons and colors, not only our support department, but also, if desired, the province has direct insight into the current status of all display systems and system components.

Project approach from A to Z

Q-lite has completely unburdened the province in the realization of its DRIS. With our professional, and at the same time personal project approach, supplemented with years of expertise in placing previous DRISs, everything has been taken care of down to the last detail. Together with the province, we worked towards a suitable design for the display systems that incorporated all requirements and wishes


The province uses the DRIS-as-a-Service concept. The big advantage is that the province immediately has up-to-date travel information at the stops it has chosen, without having to make major investments. Moreover, for a fixed amount per quarter, she is assured that there is an up-to-date system that always works. Naturally, the province retains control because it can use the DRIS for as long as it needs it. In addition to the hardware, Q-lite also offers all services that are part of an as-a-service approach, such as installation, maintenance, monitoring, service and disassembly.

All eyes on a pleasant journey!

All in all, the new DRIS in Fryslan will make a major contribution to a pleasant travel experience and high passenger satisfaction, so that even more people will use public transport. In short: all eyes on a pleasing journey!

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