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Full colour scoreboard (size: medium)


Digital scoreboard for VV Moerse Boys

Voetbalclub VV Moerse Boys from Zundert chooses the optimum experience on and off the pitch. The full colour scoreboard not only shows current goals scored and time. The running text at the bottom of the screen shows current messages, such as the main sponsor, a welcome message or the dates of an upcoming match.

Sponsorship success

Q-lite offers additional help in the search for sponsors. Being able to tell the right story as a team increases your chances of bringing in enough sponsors. Similarly, the Moerse Boys also successfully did sponsorship recruitment.

It’s a first win. The LED display is now paying for itself through funds, while sponsors are getting the attention they deserve on the 6m² of digital advertising space. Before, after and during the game!

Q-lite Score: The scoreboard software

Q-lite Score is the all-in-one app and software that allows you to easily control your scoreboards remotely. Enter live score with one click, play sponsor advertising
during the match and turn your scoreboard on and off via the app. Convenient!

Optimal contrast

A great asset of our displays is not only the beautiful finish with a designer frame. The dark frame also provides the ideal contrast to the content being played. We thus ensure optimal readability for visitors from all angles around the playing field.

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