More revenue without investment

The Scoreboard as a Service model allows any club to use full-colour scoreboards as an extra source of income. This solution makes a LED scorebord affordable for every club, because the extra income is at least equal to the expenditure.

Scoreboard as a Service

What does SaaS mean to your club?

A full-colour scoreboard is not merely a scoreboard, but also an advertising tool for every club. It offers added value to both sponsors and visitors of your sports complex. A digital scoreboard is also an interesting way of bringing in sponsors who have no direct connection with the local club. In order to offer this interesting solution to all sports clubs, Q-lite has developed the SaaS model: a low-threshold rental model for the sports sector.

With Scoreboard as a Service, Q-lite remains the owner of the screen. It results in a complete unburdening for any club. Q-lite guarantees the quality of the screen, including the risks and maintenance. If, for example, a power supply fails, the costs often mount up quickly. The SaaS model includes a complete maintenance package. Q-lite takes care of the repair of the scoreboard free of charge so sports clubs are not faced with unexpected expenses.

When you opt for the SaaS model, you opt for full service and no risk! In addition to the standard installation and maintenance, we include extra services such as a maintenance package and appropriate guidance in revenue sourcing in the price. This way there is maximum service and no risk!

Why do clubs opt for a full-colour scoreboard?

Q-lite full colour scorebord Kampong Voetbal

Why choose the SaaS model as a sports club?

Source of income without investment

Thanks to:

  • Income equals costs
  • Complete maintenance package
  • Return on investment (RoI) model suitable for every club
  • No unexpected charges: No risk!
  • Assistance with sponsor acquisition
  • Complete unburdening

How is a full-colour scoreboard operated?

All full-colour scoreboards are delivered including a complete software licence. By means of this clever but simple software, anyone can easily control the screen via a mobile phone, tablet or pc.

Q-lite Score app smartphone scorebordsoftware

Discover the 4 basic models below

ModelSurface areaDimensionsResolution
Small3 m²288 × 96 cm432 × 144 pixels
Medium6 m²288 × 192 cm432 × 288 pixels
Large8 m²384 × 192 cm576 × 288 pixels
Extra large12 m²384 × 288 cm432 × 576 pixels

The SaaS model ensures that every sports club can get the maximum added value from a digital scoreboard without any risk. In short, Q-lite offers full service and guidance, allowing you as a club to focus on the future without worries!

Vergelijking grafische full-colour LED-scoreborden

More info or a tailor-made solution?

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