All eyes
on sport

Q-lite already has more than 35 years of experience in the production, placement and maintenance of scoreboards as well as the accompanying software. For all possible sports, ranging from hockey, football, karting, korfball, … we have a customized solution or we can develop it for the club or sport.

The possibilities are very wide. Going from a standard electronic scoreboard to a multifunctional full color scoreboard, and even LED boarding for around the field. Q-lite can meet all the needs of your club. Both for indoor and outdoor.

Through a personal project approach, supplemented with years of expertise, we can come up with a customized solution for every club or sport. Q-lite ensures optimum functioning of the display, both for hardware and software. With a maintenance contract the customer does not need to worry about anything.

The LED and LCD systems of Q-lite can not only be used to display the current score and (playing) time, but can also be used for advertising and other messages, on and around the field.

Scorebord LED Kampong

At (professional) sports clubs such as football, hockey, basketball, … LED boarding along the sidelines is indispensable. This provides an additional source of income. We are also noticing a trend that more and more sports clubs want to have access to a multifunctional LED display that, in addition to showing the score, can also be used for advertising messages and video images.

For many years Q-lite has been producing and supplying scoreboards that find their way to various sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor applications. Not only in the Netherlands but also to other European countries. With our own (sports) software, the display can be easily operated without having to pay monthly license fees.

In addition to a range of standard electronic versions, we also make customized scoreboards according to the complexity of the location. Take a look at your own sports club along the fields. In many cases you will see that there is a Q-lite scoreboard. In short, familiar and good!

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