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Q-lite has more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining scoreboards, as well as the associated software. We have a sollution for every possible sports – from hockey and football to karting or korfball – or develop one customized to your sports club.

Choose from a diverse range of scoreboards: from a standard electronic scoreboard to a multifunctional full-colour scoreboard, with timekeeping, and even perimeter LED boarding for your sports field. We can help you with indoor as well as outdoor sports.

With Q-lite’s LED and LCD systems, you not only show the current score and (playing) time. You can also use it multifunctionally as a dynamic billboard or information screen on or around your premises.

Through a personal project approach, complemented by years of expertise, we can create a customized solution for any club or sport.

We also provide care after the installation of the display. With a maintenance contract, Q-lite monitors the optimal operation of the display to make sure you can enjoy it for years to come. Score!

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Score extra income for your sports club

At (professional) sports clubs such as football, hockey, basketball, … LED boarding along the sidelines is indispensable. This provides an additional source of income. We are also noticing a trend that more and more sports clubs want to have access to a multifunctional LED display that, in addition to showing the score, can also be used for advertising messages and video images. The ideal sports experience for both supporters and players. That is why Q-lite now has the ‘Scoreboard as a service‘ model: an accessible rental model, without pre-financing and risks!

Why choose Q-lite?

With more than 30 years of experience as a local manufacturer of digital LED and LCD solutions, Q-lite is market leader in the Benelux. Digital scoreboards in all formats, for both indoor and outdoor, find
their way to sports venues across Europe.

With our own (sports) software, the display can be easily operated without having to pay monthly license fees.

In addition to a range of standard electronic versions, we also make customized scoreboards according to the complexity of the location. Just look around your neighbourhood along the sports fields. You’ll probably see our Q-lite scoreboards. In short, a trusted partner in the sports world!

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