LED advertising poles

Reclamemast LED (MDH On Screen)

During your car rides you have probably seen: large LED advertising poles at the side of the roads.

These LED displays give advertisers the opportunity to communicate with millions of passers-by in a flexible and dynamic way. Exploiters can show different ads on one display or add new advertisers with just one click. This without needing to make huge costs for changing the banners or posters. It’s an additional advantage for exploiters to not only sell advertisments based on location (number of passers-by) but also based on the time of publication (prime time). This way they can generate more revenue.


  • Display different ads or advertisers on the same surface
  • Quickly add new ads with just one click
  • Sell ads based on time of publication: “prime time advertising”
  • All sizes are possible
  • Mounting on a new or existing pole is possible
LED-reclamemast A58
  • Perfectly readable from every angle, under all weather conditions
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Dimmer: automatic brightness control based on ambient light and content
  • European product in accordance with CE-, EMC- en VLAREM

Infinite possibilities with outdoor LED displays

A LED advertising pole gives you the opportunity to handle ads and advertisers in a dynamic and flexibel manner. A LED display gives you more possibilities compared to the more traditional banners and posters. It allows you to show different advertisers on the same surface, quickly add new ads, and even subdivide ads based on times of publication, to make it possible for your customers to choose a specific time of day or week to show the ad.

How can we help you further?

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  • Q-lite employees can provide installation and software training
  • Free helpdesk for all your questions about your display and software
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