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Huidevettersstraat | Antwerp


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Transparent LED display | 2 x 3.5m | 6.5 mm pixel pitch | 60% transparency

Advertising display behind window

Transparant eyecatcher

In the middle of Antwerp’s shopping mecca, you spot advertising bold on a Q-lite  transparant display . The 7sq m specimen stands above the Ici Paris XL shop in the well-known Huidevettersstraat. 

The advertising displays hangs behind a large window on the second floor, at multi-brand store Oxford. In order to retain the light in the shop, they opted for the transparent solution. Indoor brightness with outdoor impact!

Innovative technology

Thanks to innovative LED technology, the display shows full-colour messages to the outside world, while preserving light inside the building and visibility to the outside.  this one of a kind display excels in originality, innovation and impact. 

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