Keerdok Mechelen


Keerdok Mechelen


Mechelen City


Whitemilk and Inetum-Realdolmen




Indoor LED display with outdoor brightness (3.9 mm) 200 x 350 cm

city communication at the turning dock

Mechelen is growing! The new, sustainable urban district at Keerdok is in full development. Meanwhile, the parking building with more than 500 public parking spaces is ready to welcome residents, visitors and day tourists.

In the the glass entrance hall, the eye-catching piece of architecture received an indoor LED displaywith adjusted brightness to informpassers-by indoors and outdoors ,under all weather conditions.

City communication

The city of Mechelen deploys the large Q-lite LED display to communicate about important events and activities in the city, such as the monthly shopping days or the travel times of the unique electric ferry departing from the Keerdok.

Green energy

Besides parking spaces, the brand-new building also houses a Delhaize supermarket, Voka offices and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city. On top of the roof are more than 400 solar panels that generate the building’s necessary electricity. And we love to see it!

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