Discover Q-lite at MUCE – Museum of Circular Economy

On Saturday 1 October 2022, MUCEMuseum of Circular Economy – will festively open its doors. The pop-up museum in Antwerp is the sustainable hub throughout October where artists, companies and knowledge institutions show the various aspects of the alternative circular economy through art. A world first!

Expect an inspiring place where you can learn about solutions for various environmental and climate issues. You can also spot Q-lite there, including Bebat, Ecopower, KULeuven and Mediahuis! You will discover our circular story through the eyes of artist Hussein Shikha. You will become acquainted with our numerous boardroom solutions and see our unique transparent screens up close at Bibi Fashion, the shop around the corner.


Curious? Sustainability manager Jeroen Raeijmaekers already dived into the studio with organizer Nina Maat. Listen to the podcast below and learn more about Q-lite’s circular transition!



  • 5 euros p.p.
  • Free for those who bring at least 5 empty batteries or 1 old mobile phone to the Bebat and Proximus recycling point on site. Tickets can be reserved online (not compulsory).


From Sunday 2 October to Sunday October 30, 2022:

  • Monday 10 – 17 uur
  • Tuesday 10 – 17 uur
  • Wednesday 11 – 17 uur
  • Thursday 11 – 20 uur
  • Friday 11 – 17 uur
  • Saturday 10 – 17 uur
  • Sunday 11 – 17 uur

Huis Lunen, Huidevettersstraat 55 in Antwerpen

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