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You cannot miss the LED-display is 32m2 with a pixel pitch of 10mm placed by the building in Houilles. The big window with the transparent display does not only attract visitors, but also passers-by.

Showing promotions and attracting more visitors

The transparent displays at the building of E. Leclerc are a real eyecatcher. They show your advertisements and pictures in a dynamic way with its purpose to attract more visitors and to place a certain product in the spotlights. mission accomplished!

Incidence of light

The transparent display is built out of light strips with LED-lights so the light can shine through. That way you can see through the display when you look at it from the inside, while your content is still perfectly visible on the outside.


The big benefit of a transparent display is that it weighs way less than a normal LED-display. This makes installing it easier and gives more possibilities to place a display without any reconstructions. The ideal solution for this retail property!

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